Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
  Well I had all intentions of posting this yesterday but I ended up getting a horrible headache so I went to bed early! When I got to work yesterday Penny was trying to nap and Lucy was just running around being her usual cute self! Penny decided she would rather play with nanny then sleep so of course I let her stay awake a little longer! :-) I decided I would just feed Penny her lunch and then put her down afterwards. While I was feeding Penny, Lucy was in her room playing and talking to herself... all of a sudden there was silence from her bedroom. When things get quiet all of a sudden, many thoughts run through my head! I walked back there to find Lucy asleep in her crib! She decided she was tired so she just went down for her nap! Both the girls took their naps at the same time! While they were sleeping I cleaned up their play corner. They napped for a while and both woke up at the same time! Weird! Thats when Lucy started screaming... TOWER, TOWER, TOWER! So she pulled out her mega blocks!
Nanny and Lucy built an amazing tower! 

After the tower was built Lucy decided she didn't want it standing any longer so she took it upon herself to knock it over!
While Lucy was building her tower, Penny was playing with the little bus! Over and Over I'm hearing this bus play... the froggy on the bus goes HOP, HOP,HOP...HOP,HOP,HOP... HOP,HOP,HOP...
What a cutie she is!
When Lucy was done playing with her blocks she decided to help me pick them up!
While we were picking them up we were working on our manners... Every time she through a block in I said thank you Lucy and she replied with welcome!

Once we got done I looked over to find Penny trying to escape! Below you will find a few pictures one after another showing her try to get away! Climbing up the stairs!
She got caught in the act! I cant believe shes already climbing up stairs! Shes growing up so fast!!!
Now with 2 mobile babies things are going to get more interesting... until next time... Have a Great Wednesday!

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