Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally Back in the Blogging World!

Finally! Im able to blog again. I have been so busy recently its been crazy! However now that the festival is over I can return to blogging about my awesome life and job!

This Past weekend was the Greek Festival. Every year my church hosts the Greek Festival in September. This year we celebrated our 50th Greek Holiday. I have been a dancer for the festival since I was 4, I love dancing and singing. This year I realized that its not so easy to get up and dance. When I was little I had all kinds of energy and I was in great shape. Now not so much. Every time I got up on stage in front of all those people I put a smile on and danced my little heart out... but when I walked off stage immediately my dancing shoes came off and I had on my awesome rope sandals. The festival was Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I danced a total of 12 sets, which came to dancing a total of 240 minutes. Now that might not sound like a lot of dancing but it is, and thats not including the free dancing to did. :-) My dance group is called Paradosi. Its the young adult group. Most of us are in college, but there are a few a little older. I wait all year for the festival to come around and the when it finally gets here im like HOLY COW BATMAN. We started practicing for the festival in may, so we had 5 months to get the dances perfected. This was the first year that my group started practicing early. We usually start in August which only gives us about 5 weeks to learn the dances. Another great thing about the festival is the GREAT FOOD. Oh man I could eat Greek food every day! I ate so much food this weekend, now the great thing about being a dancer is I could eat alot and then dance it right off! ha Below are a few pictures from this past weekend. Now I need to get back to homework! :-(

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