Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend... 

This weekend has been long!!! Friday I went to Stillwater with my best friend for dinner, and of course to see other friends there! Saturday I slept in and then went shopping at Sam's Club with my daddy! Always something fun to do. After that I went home to load up my laptop and some movies to take with me babysitting. Normally I don’t do that but since I was going to be babysitting from noon to about 12:30 am I figured I needed something to pass the time while the baby was sleeping. What a cute little boy! We had a lot of fun hanging out. Sunday rolls around and of course I slept in as usual... Then I went to church for dance practice! I can’t wait till next Sunday when I can actually dance again! :-) After that I went home to relax before going over to my aunts to celebrate Labor Day. Im not exactly sure why we celebrated it Sunday and not Monday but oh well we had fun! The whole family was there... Im Greek which means I have a very large family! Our get together are always fun!  I hung around there till about 10 pm just catching up with my cousin! This morning I woke up kind of early but didn’t actually get out of bed till about noon... ha-ha! Then I went over to my cousin’s house to pick up the girls! My Bestie and I took the little munchkins swimming! Those two love the pool! If I would allow them I bet they could stay in there for hours! After we were done I took them back home and my bestie and I went out to dinner with our moms! We got to Pei Wei around 6:30 and left at 9:45! We had so much fun, just sitting around and talking about whatever! Some funny stories came up! :-) Now im just chilling in my apt looking over school stuff! Tomorrow I have class and then ill be going to work! Can’t wait to see those tiny ones tomorrow!

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