Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Munchkins

Today I'm going to share with you some fun information about the tiny ones I look after during the week. First we will start off with Lucy because shes the older one!

Lucy Olivia
Lucy Olivia is 20 months old.

She can't go any where without her Binky and Blankie. 

She loves to color... She will draw on anything she can get her hands on. The paper, her body, the floor, whatever! She LOVES to eat the crayons as well. Silly girl

She calls me Nanny or Kate. :-)

She likes to go down for her naps in my arms... When were trying to go to sleep she will look up at me and if I have my eyes closed she will say... Nanny wake up and then starts to giggle.

She's is currently taking Gymnastics and Ballet.

She loves to watch movies! She could sit around and watch them all day long if we let her. Her favorite movie is the Little Mermaid! she will yell MERMAID, MERMAID.

She likes to dance around the house with Nanny. We really enjoy dancing to Pink Elephants on Parade.

Her favorite word to say to Nanny is Stop it. Sometimes she even puts her hand up and says Stop it.

If I'm laying on one side of a huge pillow from my cousins couch, Lucy will come over and lay her head on the other side.

She loves to help me make Lunch, Especially Mac and Cheese.

Lucy loves swimming. If I allowed her to be in the pool all day, I know she would.

She loves to talk on my cell phone. If I call my mom she will carry on a little conversation with her.

There are sooooo many adorable things I could tell you about Lucy but im going to stop now because it would be a very long post if I continued.

Penny Lane 
Penny lane is 7 months old.

She has mastered the art in crawling.

She can climb up stairs already. Lucy taught her that.

She said her first word a while back and yes if you guessed it was Da-da you were right.

She can go from the crawl position to sitting up all on her own.

Penny can pull her self up into a standing position all by herself. She is a very strong girl.

She likes to eat Mac and Cheese. Now she really likes eating it, but I like watching her eat it more. So adorable.

She's always happy. She giggles all the time. Especially when she hears someone sing Penny lane. I've also started to notice that she laughs when Lucy is throwing a fit.

She LOVES swimming. Penny sees the pool and immediately her feet start kicking.

Penny lane has 3 teeth... and man are they sharp teeth!

She loves being with Nanny. When I show up at the house Lucy usually runs to her mom and Penny gets the biggest smile on her face and crawls right to me.

I dont think I could have ask for 2 more adorable, smart, and loving children to  Nanny for! So really I have to thank Jessica and Kyle for allowing me to spend my afternoons with their children. It means the world to me!

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