Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Happy Wednesday Everybody!
 I know I have been slacking on blogging, but my life has been so busy! This past weekend me and the bestie went to Dallas for the Greek Food Festival!
We left Tulsa around 2:00 pm on Friday and arrived in Dallas around 6:30. Normally it takes me about 3 1/2 hours to get there but we hit some rain on the trip down. We got into town and headed on over to the Greek Festival, where we met up with our good friend Paula. Now when I say good friend I mean our BEST FRIEND! Friday night we all hung out at the Festival. The evening consisted of alot of eating, dancing and laughing! They had these performers called The unexpected boys play. We totally have there dance routine down! We got up and Greek danced, then headed home! My favorite part of Friday night was sitting around Paula's table laughing and recapping stories from our past. LOL  Saturday morning we all got up and Paula's mom made us breakfast! OMG it was delicious! French Toast and Bacon! yummy! Then we just hung around  and started getting ready for a night im pretty sure no one will forget. We got to the Greek festival and got some food. The main point of the festival is to go eat their amazing food! We were there for a couple hours, then we headed on over to a friends house. We hung out there for a while then headed to the Greek fest after party. It was at this Greek restaurant called Greek Isles. It was a Blast! Lots of Greek Dancing! Hung out with all my friends from Dallas. 
We Greek Danced and hung out till 4 am! Holy Cow! By that point we were all exhausted it was time to go home and head to bed. Us girls slept in and then we all went out to lunch before Jenny and I had to head home. But we couldn't go anywhere till we took our snuggle picture! 
After Lunch we said our goodbyes and J Stas and I headed back to Tulsa. This weekend defiantly made it to the top 3 of best weekends! 

Tomorrow will be a blog about the Tiny Munchkins! Man did I miss them this past weekend. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So much to do... So little time!

Hello All,
 This will be a short post but I didn't want to leave you all with nothing this week. This week has been a crazy week! So much homework! AHHHH Im finally finished with everything! All my homework, cleaning, laundry and packing! Im going to Dallas this weekend with my bestie Jenny! Im sure excited! Were going down for the Greek Festival! When I get back on Sunday I will post pictures and stuff about my trip!

 until then... Have a Great WEEKEND!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally Back in the Blogging World!

Finally! Im able to blog again. I have been so busy recently its been crazy! However now that the festival is over I can return to blogging about my awesome life and job!

This Past weekend was the Greek Festival. Every year my church hosts the Greek Festival in September. This year we celebrated our 50th Greek Holiday. I have been a dancer for the festival since I was 4, I love dancing and singing. This year I realized that its not so easy to get up and dance. When I was little I had all kinds of energy and I was in great shape. Now not so much. Every time I got up on stage in front of all those people I put a smile on and danced my little heart out... but when I walked off stage immediately my dancing shoes came off and I had on my awesome rope sandals. The festival was Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I danced a total of 12 sets, which came to dancing a total of 240 minutes. Now that might not sound like a lot of dancing but it is, and thats not including the free dancing to did. :-) My dance group is called Paradosi. Its the young adult group. Most of us are in college, but there are a few a little older. I wait all year for the festival to come around and the when it finally gets here im like HOLY COW BATMAN. We started practicing for the festival in may, so we had 5 months to get the dances perfected. This was the first year that my group started practicing early. We usually start in August which only gives us about 5 weeks to learn the dances. Another great thing about the festival is the GREAT FOOD. Oh man I could eat Greek food every day! I ate so much food this weekend, now the great thing about being a dancer is I could eat alot and then dance it right off! ha Below are a few pictures from this past weekend. Now I need to get back to homework! :-(

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

 This is going to be a short blog because I need to get back to studying for my Strategies to Healthy Living exam tomorrow. Last Friday I took my first test of the semester. I was really nervous about the test because it was all writing. I got it back on Monday and guess what? I got a B. I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get out of class and call my parents and sister... Well guess what! Neither one of my parents answered their phones... I was a little disappointed. That always seems to happen to me. Yesterday at work poor Penny Lane was sick. Actually the whole family was sick. Poor Jessica, she was sick on her birthday. I took her flowers and soup so I know it made her feel a little better! This weekend is the Greek Festival. Everyone needs to come out and support my church. Its being held downtown at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church. Ill be performing! ha Great food and awesome dancing, dance groups ranging from 6 years old to adult groups! Hope to see you all there!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Holy Cow! I can't believe I haven't posted anything in a while... things have just been crazy around here! This week I was studying for a big test I had in theatre experience. Im pretty sure I did great on it but ill have to wait and see next week! Saturday was game day!!! WOO HOO I love Football season. We took on Bowling Green at home. Tulsa won the game 33- 20. Before the game started I tailgated with my sister and brother in law out on the New U that was built on Tulsa's campus. Its so awesome! they have bounce toys set up for little kids and there is probably 30 people that have tailgate tents out there.  When the game started I went out on the field. Since my dad works there me and my sister get side line passes. I love watching the game from the field... so much cooler! Ha Sunday I have dance practice for the Greek Festival! Which is this coming weekend! We will be practicing on the stage for the first time! hopefully all the stuff we have set up for our dances will work out on the stage!
Hope everyone had a Great Saturday... Hopefully it was full of alot of football!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Munchkins

Today I'm going to share with you some fun information about the tiny ones I look after during the week. First we will start off with Lucy because shes the older one!

Lucy Olivia
Lucy Olivia is 20 months old.

She can't go any where without her Binky and Blankie. 

She loves to color... She will draw on anything she can get her hands on. The paper, her body, the floor, whatever! She LOVES to eat the crayons as well. Silly girl

She calls me Nanny or Kate. :-)

She likes to go down for her naps in my arms... When were trying to go to sleep she will look up at me and if I have my eyes closed she will say... Nanny wake up and then starts to giggle.

She's is currently taking Gymnastics and Ballet.

She loves to watch movies! She could sit around and watch them all day long if we let her. Her favorite movie is the Little Mermaid! she will yell MERMAID, MERMAID.

She likes to dance around the house with Nanny. We really enjoy dancing to Pink Elephants on Parade.

Her favorite word to say to Nanny is Stop it. Sometimes she even puts her hand up and says Stop it.

If I'm laying on one side of a huge pillow from my cousins couch, Lucy will come over and lay her head on the other side.

She loves to help me make Lunch, Especially Mac and Cheese.

Lucy loves swimming. If I allowed her to be in the pool all day, I know she would.

She loves to talk on my cell phone. If I call my mom she will carry on a little conversation with her.

There are sooooo many adorable things I could tell you about Lucy but im going to stop now because it would be a very long post if I continued.

Penny Lane 
Penny lane is 7 months old.

She has mastered the art in crawling.

She can climb up stairs already. Lucy taught her that.

She said her first word a while back and yes if you guessed it was Da-da you were right.

She can go from the crawl position to sitting up all on her own.

Penny can pull her self up into a standing position all by herself. She is a very strong girl.

She likes to eat Mac and Cheese. Now she really likes eating it, but I like watching her eat it more. So adorable.

She's always happy. She giggles all the time. Especially when she hears someone sing Penny lane. I've also started to notice that she laughs when Lucy is throwing a fit.

She LOVES swimming. Penny sees the pool and immediately her feet start kicking.

Penny lane has 3 teeth... and man are they sharp teeth!

She loves being with Nanny. When I show up at the house Lucy usually runs to her mom and Penny gets the biggest smile on her face and crawls right to me.

I dont think I could have ask for 2 more adorable, smart, and loving children to  Nanny for! So really I have to thank Jessica and Kyle for allowing me to spend my afternoons with their children. It means the world to me!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend... 

This weekend has been long!!! Friday I went to Stillwater with my best friend for dinner, and of course to see other friends there! Saturday I slept in and then went shopping at Sam's Club with my daddy! Always something fun to do. After that I went home to load up my laptop and some movies to take with me babysitting. Normally I don’t do that but since I was going to be babysitting from noon to about 12:30 am I figured I needed something to pass the time while the baby was sleeping. What a cute little boy! We had a lot of fun hanging out. Sunday rolls around and of course I slept in as usual... Then I went to church for dance practice! I can’t wait till next Sunday when I can actually dance again! :-) After that I went home to relax before going over to my aunts to celebrate Labor Day. Im not exactly sure why we celebrated it Sunday and not Monday but oh well we had fun! The whole family was there... Im Greek which means I have a very large family! Our get together are always fun!  I hung around there till about 10 pm just catching up with my cousin! This morning I woke up kind of early but didn’t actually get out of bed till about noon... ha-ha! Then I went over to my cousin’s house to pick up the girls! My Bestie and I took the little munchkins swimming! Those two love the pool! If I would allow them I bet they could stay in there for hours! After we were done I took them back home and my bestie and I went out to dinner with our moms! We got to Pei Wei around 6:30 and left at 9:45! We had so much fun, just sitting around and talking about whatever! Some funny stories came up! :-) Now im just chilling in my apt looking over school stuff! Tomorrow I have class and then ill be going to work! Can’t wait to see those tiny ones tomorrow!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Did you know...

I thought I would make this post a did  you know post... some will be about me and others will be random facts!

Did you know...

My best friend and I have been friends since we were tiny little munchkins in diapers.

Even though im in college, I eat dinner with my parents almost every night.

My blackberry is my life! I have it with me at all times!

My best friend and I like to make random trips to stillwater for dinner.

My major is Deaf Education.

I prefer baths over showers.

My sophomore year of college I spent every day with my bestie Mallory! and when I say every day... I mean I saw her everyday for a whole year! talk about true friendship! ha

I'm a cubs fan.

I HATE clowns more than anything in the world! They SCARE me!!! :-(

I love watching all kinds of T.V shows... My new obsession is Pretty Little Liars!
I'm very accident prone. Im always getting hurt. Right now I have a broken foot. :-( but only one week left in DAS BOOT!

The little girls I nanny for are my Awesome Big cousins little girls! Jess is the reason I have a blog! Love you Jess and Kyle!

My aunt Barbra is one of my best friends! She is my Half- squat and I am her Papa. No matter how bad of a mood we are in, we can always make each other laugh.

Thats about all for now... I know I will be doing more of these did you  knows so I wont tell you too much now!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
  Well I had all intentions of posting this yesterday but I ended up getting a horrible headache so I went to bed early! When I got to work yesterday Penny was trying to nap and Lucy was just running around being her usual cute self! Penny decided she would rather play with nanny then sleep so of course I let her stay awake a little longer! :-) I decided I would just feed Penny her lunch and then put her down afterwards. While I was feeding Penny, Lucy was in her room playing and talking to herself... all of a sudden there was silence from her bedroom. When things get quiet all of a sudden, many thoughts run through my head! I walked back there to find Lucy asleep in her crib! She decided she was tired so she just went down for her nap! Both the girls took their naps at the same time! While they were sleeping I cleaned up their play corner. They napped for a while and both woke up at the same time! Weird! Thats when Lucy started screaming... TOWER, TOWER, TOWER! So she pulled out her mega blocks!
Nanny and Lucy built an amazing tower! 

After the tower was built Lucy decided she didn't want it standing any longer so she took it upon herself to knock it over!
While Lucy was building her tower, Penny was playing with the little bus! Over and Over I'm hearing this bus play... the froggy on the bus goes HOP, HOP,HOP...HOP,HOP,HOP... HOP,HOP,HOP...
What a cutie she is!
When Lucy was done playing with her blocks she decided to help me pick them up!
While we were picking them up we were working on our manners... Every time she through a block in I said thank you Lucy and she replied with welcome!

Once we got done I looked over to find Penny trying to escape! Below you will find a few pictures one after another showing her try to get away! Climbing up the stairs!
She got caught in the act! I cant believe shes already climbing up stairs! Shes growing up so fast!!!
Now with 2 mobile babies things are going to get more interesting... until next time... Have a Great Wednesday!