Monday, August 30, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend was crazy! I feel like I haven't posted anything in a long time! My last post was Thursday so ill just start from there! Friday I spent the day with my awesome best friend! We just drove around and did nothing... yet we had so much fun doing it. No matter what goes on jenny and I seem to always make the best out of it. After spending the day doing nothing we went to dinner with my parents and then off to watch Tu women’s soccer take on OU. Tulsa lost... :-( but it was a great game! Saturday I got to sleep in! It was AMAZING! Then I went to lunch with my parents always a fun thing to do. Had a little break in between lunch and dance practice so I went home and watched a movie! Of course I watched my favorite movie.., With Honors! Ive watched it so many times I could probably quote the whole thing! After dance we had another soccer game... a lot of people think im a crazy soccer fan because I go to all there games.... I like soccer but not that much. I work the games! I do all the substitutions... which is great because I also get to spend time with my daddy! :-) Oh Saturday night! I got together with some of my girlfriends... started off as a low key thing hanging at someone’s house but that didn't last very long! We ended up out on Brookside! Im so glad I can finally go out with all my friends and not have to worry about getting caught with a fake id! Sunday I got up and went to church... after church we had to take a portrait of all the dance groups that will be participating in the Greek festival! Which is Sept 16th- 18th so everyone should come out and help us celebrate our 50th anniversary!  After that I was in desperate need of a nap! Sunday night we had another soccer game! TU women vs. ORU! What a GREAT game! I almost missed it but im glad I didn’t! Soccer players got into a huge fight! 4 girls were issued red cards and escorted off the field! ORU started it but Tulsa finished it! What a great way to end the weekend!

Today I had an extremely hard time getting out of bed for my 9:00 am class! I was so tired... After classes got out I went to work! When I got there Lucy was running around being her cute usual self and penny was sleeping... but that didn’t last long because Lucy woke her up! Ha I made the girls Mac and cheese for lunch! Funniest thing I have ever seen! Penny Lane who turned 7 months on Saturday was eating the noodles... however it took her a few minutes to figure out what she was supposed to do... I would stick a noodle in her mouth and all of a sudden you see it pop out... and the she pop it back it! I was cracking up! Of course she was too because she laughs when others laugh! After lunch it was nap time! I put Penny down first... she’s easy! Then Lucy and I curled up on the couch together! She was laying on top of me with her arms wrapped around me... she was silent for a long time so I assumed she was asleep... I was mistaken! I looked down to see her eyes open watching TV! She looked up and said Hi! She’s such a silly girl! Finally she fell asleep! She wasn’t asleep for very long... and of course when she woke up, penny woke up too! I got Lucy ready for gymnastics... I was taking her today, although we didn’t make it! We took a trip to trippets to get her Ballet stuff! Lucy starts ballet tomorrow morning! After that on our way to gymnastics, I get half way there when I look back to find Lucy asleep in the backseat! So I just took her home instead! Right as I pulled into the drive way she woke up! She was a little bit grumpy but still cute as can be at the same time! As I was walking out the door she was running behind me... obviously she didn’t want nanny to leave! :-) I love those girls so much! Tomorrow is another day, and there will be more pictures to be posted of these two adorable little munchkins! 
 Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh It's Such A Perfect Day, I'm Glad I Spent It With YOU!

Look out! Look out!
Pink elephants on parade
Here they come!
Hippety hoppety
They're here and there
Pink elephants ev'rywhere

This would be some lyrics from the song Pink Elephants on parade! One of Lucy's favorite songs! We listened to it about 25 times today! Lucy loves when I play music and we just dance around, but that’s not all we did today! We played outside today!!! This weather has been so nice. I know it’s only been in the 80's but compared to some of the other days we have been having being in the 80's is great! 

 Lucy also played in the sprinkler! 

And ran away from it...
While Lucy was goofing off in the water penny sat with nanny and hung out! After we all played outside for a while we went back inside and played with all there toys! Lucy and Penny played with each other! It was so cute!  

We had a lot of fun today! We danced and played together! :-) After all that was done and tiny Penny went down for a nap Lucy and I sat down and watched Snow White!  I might have gone a little over board with all the pictures but when you get the chance to watch children like them you want to take as many pictures as you can get! Plus Lucy loves to have her picture taken... Although now she makes a cheesy face and says CHEESEEEEEEEE... Like this! 

Penny Lane loved having her picture taken as well. She was saying cheese on the inside! :-)
 Hope Everyone Had A Great Thursday! One more day till the weekend! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day without the girls...

Today I did not spend it with the girls; however I did spend it with my aunt Barbra! Wednesday is my LONGGG day! I start my day with Strategies to Healthy living at 9:00. Then I move onto The Theatre Experience and last but certainly not least Sports Science Lab. Today in lab we had to run sprints across the gym while being filmed…. Well Im currently sporting a book due to a broken foot so I couldn’t run which made my class really boring today. After class I went over to my aunt’s house to hang out for a little bit. We went to Utica Square and did a little shopping, then stopped by starbucks and got us some refreshing drinks and sat outside on the grass. Today’s weather was perfect! It’s supposed to be nice the rest of the week! After spending the afternoon giggling and sharing gossip with my aunt I went out to dinner with my parents… always an interesting thing to do! On Wednesday nights I have dance practice for the Greek Festival coming up in a few weeks! It’s going to be September 16th – 18th. You all should come out for some great food, and to watch the performances from people of all ages! I’ll be performing! Now I should be working on my notes for class tomorrow but instead im talking to people on facebook and of course blogging! Don’t really do a lot on my days off! But ill be back tomorrow with more stories about me and the girls! Maybe tomorrow ill actually remember to take my camera and take some pictures of the girls!

   Have a great Wednesday night everyone!  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy Day!

I love waking up to rain tapping on my window...and that's exactly how I woke up today! After I got out of my classes I went straight to work. Pulling up in front of my cousins house only to find Lucy and Penny playing in a huge puddle outside! I remember when I was little I loved to play in puddles... oh wait I still do! I got out of the car and Lucy ran right up to me, jumped into my arms and said HI NANNY and planted a big kiss on my lips! <3 It always makes my day when she does that! After playing outside for a while we went into the house and got all cleaned up for lunch! Penny had already eaten so while I was making lunch with Lucy, she played in her bounce chair! She LOVES that thing! That tiny girl can spend hours bouncing! Lucy and I made Mac and Cheese for lunch... now when I say Lucy and I made lunch I mean I made lunch and Lucy walked around and pulled almost every piece of Tupperware out of the bottom drawer. Thanks Lucy! While Lucy was eating I cleaned up her mess and put Miss Penny Lane down for a nap. When I walked back into the kitchen, I found Lucy sitting there with mac and cheese everywhere! All over her face, in her hair, on her feet? Dont ask me how that one happened! I cleaned up the kitchen,( I didn't want to leave the dishes for Jess and Kyle to clean) :-) I walked over to Lucy to see her standing in her high chair saying done nanny... 10 wet wipes later and that precious little girl was all clean! She Grabbed her blankie and Binky and headed on over to nanny goat! She climbed up into my arms and fell asleep! I love the days when it doesn't take me FOREVER to get her down for a nap! Both girls took long naps today! Penny slept in her big girl crib and Lucy slept with me on the couch! I might have taken a little nap too! Shhh dont tell! ;-) 
I take naps with the girls alot! Jessica came home the other day to find me and both girls asleep in Lucy's crib! I love spending my days with these girls... I love knowing that when they get older they will have such a close relationship with me, like I have with certain family members of mine! <3 

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Blog Post!

Hello Everyone!
      My first blog post ever! Im going to start blogging about work. Now people might think why would this girl be blogging about work. Well... I dont have a boring job, I have the GREATEST job in the world!!! I get to spend my afternoons with the most precious little girls ever! Before I get started with talking about my days with the little ones ill talk a little bit about how I became a nanny. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to work with children. I love little kids... My parents tell me the reason why I love hanging out with little kids is because were all on the same mentality level! :-) When I turned 12 I was so excited that I was finally old enough to babysit. Im 21 years old now which means I have been babysitting for a long time!! When my cousin Jessica found out she was expecting I got really excited. There was finally going to be another little baby in the family. Towards the end of Jessica's pregnancy she needed some help around the house while her husband was at work. She had asked me if I could come a couple days a week and just hang out! I got really close to my big cousin and I really enjoyed the days I spent with her. Jessica is now one of my best friends!  She had asked me if I would become her nanny. I was SUPER EXCITED! I couldn't wait for the day that Lucy Olivia was due. December 17th 2008 is a day I will always remember, that was the day that Miss Lucy graced us with her presence. I started watching Lucy when she was about a week old. at first I was very nervous, I had never watched a baby that little before. As time went on I got over being nervous around the baby. I loved watching Lucy, I was there when she rolled for the first time, started to crawl, started to talk and walk and become a Wild BABY! Now its not just the two of us... There is three! Penny Lane graced us with her presence on January 28th 2010! I was not nervous at all when she came around! I was a pro by the time Penny came around!  Lucy, Penny Lane and Nanny Goat are together 3 days a week! We play, watch movies, dance, and much more! Penny Lane has just conquered crawling! Lord help me! 2 little ones that are mobile!  hah

Today was an easy day for good Ole nanny! When I got to work everyone was in bed! ha Penny was the first one up from her nap! So Penny and Nanny had some quality time together! We crawled and giggled alot! Then Lucy woke up. On Mondays she goes to gymnastics so once she got up from her nap, she had some snacks and then I got her dressed to go. She goes to gymnastics with mommy and I stay home with Penny! When they got home they invited me to stay for dinner! Jessica made some AWESOME burgers! MMMM Delicious! Not much to blog about today but there is alot more to come! So stay tuned!