Saturday, September 4, 2010

Did you know...

I thought I would make this post a did  you know post... some will be about me and others will be random facts!

Did you know...

My best friend and I have been friends since we were tiny little munchkins in diapers.

Even though im in college, I eat dinner with my parents almost every night.

My blackberry is my life! I have it with me at all times!

My best friend and I like to make random trips to stillwater for dinner.

My major is Deaf Education.

I prefer baths over showers.

My sophomore year of college I spent every day with my bestie Mallory! and when I say every day... I mean I saw her everyday for a whole year! talk about true friendship! ha

I'm a cubs fan.

I HATE clowns more than anything in the world! They SCARE me!!! :-(

I love watching all kinds of T.V shows... My new obsession is Pretty Little Liars!
I'm very accident prone. Im always getting hurt. Right now I have a broken foot. :-( but only one week left in DAS BOOT!

The little girls I nanny for are my Awesome Big cousins little girls! Jess is the reason I have a blog! Love you Jess and Kyle!

My aunt Barbra is one of my best friends! She is my Half- squat and I am her Papa. No matter how bad of a mood we are in, we can always make each other laugh.

Thats about all for now... I know I will be doing more of these did you  knows so I wont tell you too much now!

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