Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Happy Wednesday Everybody!
 I know I have been slacking on blogging, but my life has been so busy! This past weekend me and the bestie went to Dallas for the Greek Food Festival!
We left Tulsa around 2:00 pm on Friday and arrived in Dallas around 6:30. Normally it takes me about 3 1/2 hours to get there but we hit some rain on the trip down. We got into town and headed on over to the Greek Festival, where we met up with our good friend Paula. Now when I say good friend I mean our BEST FRIEND! Friday night we all hung out at the Festival. The evening consisted of alot of eating, dancing and laughing! They had these performers called The unexpected boys play. We totally have there dance routine down! We got up and Greek danced, then headed home! My favorite part of Friday night was sitting around Paula's table laughing and recapping stories from our past. LOL  Saturday morning we all got up and Paula's mom made us breakfast! OMG it was delicious! French Toast and Bacon! yummy! Then we just hung around  and started getting ready for a night im pretty sure no one will forget. We got to the Greek festival and got some food. The main point of the festival is to go eat their amazing food! We were there for a couple hours, then we headed on over to a friends house. We hung out there for a while then headed to the Greek fest after party. It was at this Greek restaurant called Greek Isles. It was a Blast! Lots of Greek Dancing! Hung out with all my friends from Dallas. 
We Greek Danced and hung out till 4 am! Holy Cow! By that point we were all exhausted it was time to go home and head to bed. Us girls slept in and then we all went out to lunch before Jenny and I had to head home. But we couldn't go anywhere till we took our snuggle picture! 
After Lunch we said our goodbyes and J Stas and I headed back to Tulsa. This weekend defiantly made it to the top 3 of best weekends! 

Tomorrow will be a blog about the Tiny Munchkins! Man did I miss them this past weekend. 

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