Monday, August 30, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend was crazy! I feel like I haven't posted anything in a long time! My last post was Thursday so ill just start from there! Friday I spent the day with my awesome best friend! We just drove around and did nothing... yet we had so much fun doing it. No matter what goes on jenny and I seem to always make the best out of it. After spending the day doing nothing we went to dinner with my parents and then off to watch Tu women’s soccer take on OU. Tulsa lost... :-( but it was a great game! Saturday I got to sleep in! It was AMAZING! Then I went to lunch with my parents always a fun thing to do. Had a little break in between lunch and dance practice so I went home and watched a movie! Of course I watched my favorite movie.., With Honors! Ive watched it so many times I could probably quote the whole thing! After dance we had another soccer game... a lot of people think im a crazy soccer fan because I go to all there games.... I like soccer but not that much. I work the games! I do all the substitutions... which is great because I also get to spend time with my daddy! :-) Oh Saturday night! I got together with some of my girlfriends... started off as a low key thing hanging at someone’s house but that didn't last very long! We ended up out on Brookside! Im so glad I can finally go out with all my friends and not have to worry about getting caught with a fake id! Sunday I got up and went to church... after church we had to take a portrait of all the dance groups that will be participating in the Greek festival! Which is Sept 16th- 18th so everyone should come out and help us celebrate our 50th anniversary!  After that I was in desperate need of a nap! Sunday night we had another soccer game! TU women vs. ORU! What a GREAT game! I almost missed it but im glad I didn’t! Soccer players got into a huge fight! 4 girls were issued red cards and escorted off the field! ORU started it but Tulsa finished it! What a great way to end the weekend!

Today I had an extremely hard time getting out of bed for my 9:00 am class! I was so tired... After classes got out I went to work! When I got there Lucy was running around being her cute usual self and penny was sleeping... but that didn’t last long because Lucy woke her up! Ha I made the girls Mac and cheese for lunch! Funniest thing I have ever seen! Penny Lane who turned 7 months on Saturday was eating the noodles... however it took her a few minutes to figure out what she was supposed to do... I would stick a noodle in her mouth and all of a sudden you see it pop out... and the she pop it back it! I was cracking up! Of course she was too because she laughs when others laugh! After lunch it was nap time! I put Penny down first... she’s easy! Then Lucy and I curled up on the couch together! She was laying on top of me with her arms wrapped around me... she was silent for a long time so I assumed she was asleep... I was mistaken! I looked down to see her eyes open watching TV! She looked up and said Hi! She’s such a silly girl! Finally she fell asleep! She wasn’t asleep for very long... and of course when she woke up, penny woke up too! I got Lucy ready for gymnastics... I was taking her today, although we didn’t make it! We took a trip to trippets to get her Ballet stuff! Lucy starts ballet tomorrow morning! After that on our way to gymnastics, I get half way there when I look back to find Lucy asleep in the backseat! So I just took her home instead! Right as I pulled into the drive way she woke up! She was a little bit grumpy but still cute as can be at the same time! As I was walking out the door she was running behind me... obviously she didn’t want nanny to leave! :-) I love those girls so much! Tomorrow is another day, and there will be more pictures to be posted of these two adorable little munchkins! 
 Happy Monday Everyone!

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