Saturday, September 11, 2010

Holy Cow! I can't believe I haven't posted anything in a while... things have just been crazy around here! This week I was studying for a big test I had in theatre experience. Im pretty sure I did great on it but ill have to wait and see next week! Saturday was game day!!! WOO HOO I love Football season. We took on Bowling Green at home. Tulsa won the game 33- 20. Before the game started I tailgated with my sister and brother in law out on the New U that was built on Tulsa's campus. Its so awesome! they have bounce toys set up for little kids and there is probably 30 people that have tailgate tents out there.  When the game started I went out on the field. Since my dad works there me and my sister get side line passes. I love watching the game from the field... so much cooler! Ha Sunday I have dance practice for the Greek Festival! Which is this coming weekend! We will be practicing on the stage for the first time! hopefully all the stuff we have set up for our dances will work out on the stage!
Hope everyone had a Great Saturday... Hopefully it was full of alot of football!!

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