Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day without the girls...

Today I did not spend it with the girls; however I did spend it with my aunt Barbra! Wednesday is my LONGGG day! I start my day with Strategies to Healthy living at 9:00. Then I move onto The Theatre Experience and last but certainly not least Sports Science Lab. Today in lab we had to run sprints across the gym while being filmed…. Well Im currently sporting a book due to a broken foot so I couldn’t run which made my class really boring today. After class I went over to my aunt’s house to hang out for a little bit. We went to Utica Square and did a little shopping, then stopped by starbucks and got us some refreshing drinks and sat outside on the grass. Today’s weather was perfect! It’s supposed to be nice the rest of the week! After spending the afternoon giggling and sharing gossip with my aunt I went out to dinner with my parents… always an interesting thing to do! On Wednesday nights I have dance practice for the Greek Festival coming up in a few weeks! It’s going to be September 16th – 18th. You all should come out for some great food, and to watch the performances from people of all ages! I’ll be performing! Now I should be working on my notes for class tomorrow but instead im talking to people on facebook and of course blogging! Don’t really do a lot on my days off! But ill be back tomorrow with more stories about me and the girls! Maybe tomorrow ill actually remember to take my camera and take some pictures of the girls!

   Have a great Wednesday night everyone!  

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