Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy Day!

I love waking up to rain tapping on my window...and that's exactly how I woke up today! After I got out of my classes I went straight to work. Pulling up in front of my cousins house only to find Lucy and Penny playing in a huge puddle outside! I remember when I was little I loved to play in puddles... oh wait I still do! I got out of the car and Lucy ran right up to me, jumped into my arms and said HI NANNY and planted a big kiss on my lips! <3 It always makes my day when she does that! After playing outside for a while we went into the house and got all cleaned up for lunch! Penny had already eaten so while I was making lunch with Lucy, she played in her bounce chair! She LOVES that thing! That tiny girl can spend hours bouncing! Lucy and I made Mac and Cheese for lunch... now when I say Lucy and I made lunch I mean I made lunch and Lucy walked around and pulled almost every piece of Tupperware out of the bottom drawer. Thanks Lucy! While Lucy was eating I cleaned up her mess and put Miss Penny Lane down for a nap. When I walked back into the kitchen, I found Lucy sitting there with mac and cheese everywhere! All over her face, in her hair, on her feet? Dont ask me how that one happened! I cleaned up the kitchen,( I didn't want to leave the dishes for Jess and Kyle to clean) :-) I walked over to Lucy to see her standing in her high chair saying done nanny... 10 wet wipes later and that precious little girl was all clean! She Grabbed her blankie and Binky and headed on over to nanny goat! She climbed up into my arms and fell asleep! I love the days when it doesn't take me FOREVER to get her down for a nap! Both girls took long naps today! Penny slept in her big girl crib and Lucy slept with me on the couch! I might have taken a little nap too! Shhh dont tell! ;-) 
I take naps with the girls alot! Jessica came home the other day to find me and both girls asleep in Lucy's crib! I love spending my days with these girls... I love knowing that when they get older they will have such a close relationship with me, like I have with certain family members of mine! <3 

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