Monday, August 23, 2010

First Blog Post!

Hello Everyone!
      My first blog post ever! Im going to start blogging about work. Now people might think why would this girl be blogging about work. Well... I dont have a boring job, I have the GREATEST job in the world!!! I get to spend my afternoons with the most precious little girls ever! Before I get started with talking about my days with the little ones ill talk a little bit about how I became a nanny. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to work with children. I love little kids... My parents tell me the reason why I love hanging out with little kids is because were all on the same mentality level! :-) When I turned 12 I was so excited that I was finally old enough to babysit. Im 21 years old now which means I have been babysitting for a long time!! When my cousin Jessica found out she was expecting I got really excited. There was finally going to be another little baby in the family. Towards the end of Jessica's pregnancy she needed some help around the house while her husband was at work. She had asked me if I could come a couple days a week and just hang out! I got really close to my big cousin and I really enjoyed the days I spent with her. Jessica is now one of my best friends!  She had asked me if I would become her nanny. I was SUPER EXCITED! I couldn't wait for the day that Lucy Olivia was due. December 17th 2008 is a day I will always remember, that was the day that Miss Lucy graced us with her presence. I started watching Lucy when she was about a week old. at first I was very nervous, I had never watched a baby that little before. As time went on I got over being nervous around the baby. I loved watching Lucy, I was there when she rolled for the first time, started to crawl, started to talk and walk and become a Wild BABY! Now its not just the two of us... There is three! Penny Lane graced us with her presence on January 28th 2010! I was not nervous at all when she came around! I was a pro by the time Penny came around!  Lucy, Penny Lane and Nanny Goat are together 3 days a week! We play, watch movies, dance, and much more! Penny Lane has just conquered crawling! Lord help me! 2 little ones that are mobile!  hah

Today was an easy day for good Ole nanny! When I got to work everyone was in bed! ha Penny was the first one up from her nap! So Penny and Nanny had some quality time together! We crawled and giggled alot! Then Lucy woke up. On Mondays she goes to gymnastics so once she got up from her nap, she had some snacks and then I got her dressed to go. She goes to gymnastics with mommy and I stay home with Penny! When they got home they invited me to stay for dinner! Jessica made some AWESOME burgers! MMMM Delicious! Not much to blog about today but there is alot more to come! So stay tuned!

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