Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh It's Such A Perfect Day, I'm Glad I Spent It With YOU!

Look out! Look out!
Pink elephants on parade
Here they come!
Hippety hoppety
They're here and there
Pink elephants ev'rywhere

This would be some lyrics from the song Pink Elephants on parade! One of Lucy's favorite songs! We listened to it about 25 times today! Lucy loves when I play music and we just dance around, but that’s not all we did today! We played outside today!!! This weather has been so nice. I know it’s only been in the 80's but compared to some of the other days we have been having being in the 80's is great! 

 Lucy also played in the sprinkler! 

And ran away from it...
While Lucy was goofing off in the water penny sat with nanny and hung out! After we all played outside for a while we went back inside and played with all there toys! Lucy and Penny played with each other! It was so cute!  

We had a lot of fun today! We danced and played together! :-) After all that was done and tiny Penny went down for a nap Lucy and I sat down and watched Snow White!  I might have gone a little over board with all the pictures but when you get the chance to watch children like them you want to take as many pictures as you can get! Plus Lucy loves to have her picture taken... Although now she makes a cheesy face and says CHEESEEEEEEEE... Like this! 

Penny Lane loved having her picture taken as well. She was saying cheese on the inside! :-)
 Hope Everyone Had A Great Thursday! One more day till the weekend! 

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