Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day two

Greetings From Crete.

This morning the IV group went to divine liturgy with the Archbishop of Alexandra. After liturgy we had lunch with the archbishop. Today was a low key day. We have a very long free time today. Some people took naps, others went to the beach, and some of us went to the roof top pool. After lounging around for a while, a group of us went out shopping! I love shopping! Then we all met up for dinner. As usual we had out meat platters and Greek Salads.

After dinner we walked to a little park and waited for our bus driver Michali to come pick us up. We have the same bus driver as we did last year on my trip to Greece! He dropped us off at the radio station. Me and the rest of my group were on the radio with the archbishop of Crete. What a great opportunity! I was on the radio. I probably sounded really goofy! We spent two hours at the station. People could call in and ask us questions. How fun is that!

Well it's time for bed for me! Tomorrow we are going to the island of Knossos and of course the beach! Pictures to come!

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