Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day Five and Day six

Hello blog readers!

Hope you guys have been enjoying my posts. When I get gone I'll post more about the trip and I'll post pictures.

Well today is day 4... Not much has happened today. We got to sleep in till 10. A group of people went out in Santorini last night and a group stayed in the lobby of the hotel and hung out. We got up this morning and headed to get on the first boat. The boat ride went very well today. Yesterdays boat ride was not fun at all. 4 of us got sick. Not like for a little bit but for the entire 2 hour boat ride. I was not a happy camper at all yesterday.

This morning I was really nervous about getting on these boats. But the boat was a lot bigger so it was not bad at all. The second one was only supposed to be 6 hours which put us in Patmos around 1:30 am but the boat had to slow down so we didn't get in till 4:00 am... Omg so exhausted!!

After a few hours of sleep we were off to the monastery of St. John the theologian. It was so beautiful. I wish we could have taken pictures. After a little tour of the church we went to meet the abbot of the monastery. We talked a bit then he took us into the library they have. The had books in there from the 9th to the 19th century. Absolutely amazing.

Then it was off to the beach. Our Beach front hotel is amazing. We had lunch then some of us laid out on the beach and some went to the pool. I'm loving the fact that I'm getting a good tan. After about 5 hours of lounging and swimming we got ready to go shopping. We walked around the square for about and hour and a half then we went to dinner.

Dinner was so much fun! We ate then we had the opportunity to Greek dance. No one would get up there so I jumped up to show them what I knew! After a couple of dances the guy who were serving us came on stage to dance. They were absolutely amazing and a couple were completely gorgeous.

Finally back at the hotel and it's time for bed. Have to be up at 6:45 for divine liturgy. We are going to a women's monastery tomorrow and they start at 7:00 and are done by 8:30... Then it will be free time till we go on another boat ride. At least this time we all get cabins to sleep in. Thanks god!

καλή νύχτα

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