Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Seven

Greetings from Patmos!

Today was our last day in Patmos. We got up very early this morning to go to the women's monastery for divine liturgy. It was so beautiful but very different then what we are used too. Men stood on one side of the church and the women had to be on the other side. After the service was over we went into their store and were able to purchase some stuff then it was a little tour about the monastery.

Next it was off to the Cave of St. John the theologian. Our group called it the "Man Cave". It was EXTREMELY hot but worth it. It was amazing. I know people are like wow she's weird to like a cave but this wasn't just a cave. This was where St. John had his revelation. There is a really pretty church inside of the cave.

Since church was so early we had the whole day to lounge and do whatever. Most of the group stayed at the hotel, napped and swam. 8 of us went to another beach about 15 minutes away. It was amazing. We laid out and got our tan on, we went paddle boating, swimming and of course had lunch! It was a nice relaxing day.

We made it back to the hotel in time to pack, shower and be on our way. We stopped some places and took pictures and then walked to the place we had dinner at. I was very bummed to have to leave Patmos. That was my favorite part of this trip.

We made it on the boat around midnight and were on our way to Athens. The boat ride was 9 hours but this time was a lot better because we had cabins to sleep in! We all got into bed and then some of the boys came to play cards... Slowly and one by one we all started to fall asleep. The beds on the boat were so comfy! I had a goodnights sleep!

Now we are in Athens and waiting to to get checked into the hotel. We are going to change and head to the acropolis and then shopping!

I'll post another later!

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