Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye October!

I know Halloween was a few days ago, however I have been super busy! Busy with school and watching the girls, and getting ready for my family vacation this weekend. Ill be sure to take lots of pictures this weekend to share with you guys!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Every year I have a party at my apartment and then my Bestie and I always go to the Big Brady Halloween party. This year my bestie and I dressed up as the Rockford Peaches from a league of their own. Loved it! Here are some pictures from Halloween!

 This next picture is of all the Greeks at my party. And when I say Greeks I dont mean sorority or fraternity.
Yup Sooner Jesus was there!
Halloween was so much fun this year. Now that its over I need to start thinking about my costume for next year. Next week be looking for pictures from our big family vacation.

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