Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big Family at Big Cedar!

Happy Friday Everybody!

Well here we go, as promised! My aunt posted some of the pictures she took of the family out at Big Cedar and Im here to show them to you. I have a BIG family. There were 20 of us that went on the vacation and we were still missing family members. I love my family more than anything in the world. I love the fact that almost everybody in the family lives here in Tulsa. We used to take family vacations to Mexico every couple of years, but now that my grandfather is getting older its hard to travel with him. So this vacation we decided to go to a place that was close to home. Hope you guys enjoy these photos! I know I did.

Saturday morning I was waken by tiny little Penny Lane. When I looked over, I saw not only Penny Lane but another little creature.
After laying around and playing with the girls and the stuffed raccoon, we all finally got up and moving. We went on a small little hike.
Olivia carried me on her back.... for about 10 steps! :-p
After the hike we all met back at the cabin and had lunch. After lunch a group of us went down and rented a few canoes. 
Later that evening we all met up at one of the cabins and we made dinner. My uncles cooked lamb chops on the grill, my aunt made a delicious salad and my cousin made her delicious potatoes!
After dinner was over we began our cabin skits. My aunt Barbra and my Grandmother did the first skit.
Followed by the Jersey Shore.
And for the big finale... my awesome cabin performed KING CHUCK!
Lucy was the lead dancer!
We had a blast up at Big Cedar. I think we should start going there as a family more often!

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