Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun day at work!

Last week Lucy was eating her Halloween candy when I looked over to see what she was up to, her face and hands were dyed the colors of the skittles she was eating. So I decided to go ahead and give her a bath to get her clean! Now that's all she wants to do when I'm there. Well that's fine with me, keeps her clean and we have a lot of fun. When I was little my mom used to put soap in her hand and then blow bubbles. Well I decided to do that one day and now Lucy always wants me to blow bubbles! The other day she was saying Hi bubbles, I'm Lucy. She is so adorable. Well while Lucy was in the bath Penny lane woke up from her nap. She too wanted to get into the bath. These two are so stinking cute! Of course I had to take some pictures of them!
Lucy loves bubble baths. If she could spend all day in the bath I think she would. He favorite thing to do is see how wet we can get nanny outside the bath tub. The other day my shirt was soaked, along with my pants and socks. She found it hilarious!

I love watching these girls. No matter how bad of a day I could be having, once I get to work and Penny Lane crawls right up to me, and wants me to pick her up, it makes my day so much better. I'm so lucky that Kyle an Jessica asked me to watch the girls.
Love them so much and I know they love me!
Have a Great Weekend Bloggers!

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