Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Cedar Lodge

Hellllo Everybody! Hope everyone has had a good week!

Last weekend me and my AWESOME family went to Big Cedar Lodge up in Branson MO. We had the best time! I love going on family vacations. I drove up on Friday with my Aunt Barbra, my cousin Meredith and her boyfriend Ben. We didn't drive up with the rest of the family because they left at 8:00 am and I had to go to my 9:00am class, so we left afterwards. It was so beautiful up there! Here is a picture I snapped with my phone of the lodge.
Friday since people were getting there at different times we all just hung out and looked around the grounds. Some people went on walks, My little cousin's went and rented canoes and some people just relaxed in the cabin till everyone got there. I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle and there family. As my uncle Allen called it, I was staying in the party cabin. Ha We had so much fun in our cabin. Dancing around and listening to music, and best of all we had the babies in our cabin. They are so adorable and I'm so lucky that I get to spend my days with them.
Friday night the family went on a wagon ride, and then sat by a campfire and made smores and drank hot chocolate. Penny Lane was so excited for the smores and hot chocolate that she fell asleep by the campfire!

When that was over we went back to our cabin and had dinner. We made my cousins amazing chili! I have got to get her recipe! While people were eating we decided to have talent night. Only a few people were brave enough to show there talents. My aunt and I had a Chicken duel off, my uncle did his emperor penguin, my cousin and aunt did there T-Rex walk? I'm not sure what its called and then Kyle did Antoine Dobson. " Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife" ha ha It was great! After that some of the family went to the Buzzard bar. The guy performing did a dueling banjo by himself. It was awesome!

Saturday we all got up and went on a hike. My aunt took her camera and took some great pictures. When she gets them all uploaded and stuff, hopefully I can get a few to download on here so you can see. This picture was taken on the hike and its just one of many awesome pictures she snapped of me. Me and my many facial expressions! I love it!
 After the hike we all just hung around till lunch. After Lunch we went canoeing. So much fun! I was in a canoe with my aunts Barbra and Terri.
As you can see I had to do all the work!
It was hard work trying to paddle with both of them in the Canoe and them not doing anything to help. :-p

Saturday night we cooked out. We had lamb chops, salad, and potatoes! It was so delicious! After dinner we had our cabin skits! Our cabin had the best skit, Hands down! Ha We had a dance routine to the Steve Martin version of King Tut. Of course we changed the lyrics to King Chuck. Talking about our grandfather. We had so much fun!!

Sunday morning we all got up and started to pack up to leave. I didn't want to leave!! I drove back in between my aunt and uncle and cousin! I didn't want to get on the rode alone cause I had a feeling I would get lost. I left kinda early cause I had some homework I needed to get done and I didn't want to be up really late working on it. It was good to be home and see my parents cause they weren't able to go but I wish I could have stayed at Big Cedar longer. I defiantly think we will be going back again!

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