Friday, April 15, 2011

Super Nanny!

Well this week started off a little rough but got better pretty quickly! Monday at work I burned my arm on the oven. :-( 2nd degree burn! Its kinda nasty looking but Its getting better. Had to go to the doctor yesterday to get it looked at. Monday was really only the bad day I had this week...

I can now officially call myself super nanny. I watch the girls 3 days a week for a few hours each day. However this week I did something new! I went and picked up the girls at 3:30 on Tuesday afternoon, but instead  of having them for a few hours I had them till early Thursday morning. Jessica and Kyle went to OKC for a couple days and I watched the Munchkins. I really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We had a lot of fun together. Only bad thing was both nights I was abused in my sleep by a sleeping child. The first night Lucy managed to completely turn herself around in the bed, to where her feet were up by my head... Which meant I get kicked a few times! It was hard Wednesday morning for her waking up and mom and dad weren't there but after about 10 minutes she was over it! We played a lot, went on walks, had picnics and watched Tangled about 20 times. Wednesday night I had to go to class so my aunt and uncle (the grandparents) watched the girls. When I went to pick them up I found out that Lucy had gone for a little swim with the fish. I guess she was feeding the fish and she fell in. Poor little one!! Lucy had been such a good girl, that I decided we should make a cake together. We got home, I put penny lane to bed because she fell asleep in the car and Lucy and I began to make the cake. After beginning Lucy disappeared... I found her asleep on the couch. I had to finish making the cake by myself! :-( oh well it turned out pretty good. Thursday we got up and I had to get her ready for swim lessons! Kyle and Jessica came home and I went to class!

Today I went back to work and surprisingly the girls were happy to see me. I thought they would have been sick of seeing me after this week! We has fun today. It was too cold and windy to go outside so we ran around the house... that's always fun!

Tomorrow I'm going out with my friends to celebrate my birthday! My 22nd birthday is Monday, but since my birthday falls during Holy Week I can't go out that night. My friends and I are going to go to P.F. Changs for dinner and then were going to go out on the town! I can't wait! Ill take lots of pictures and I will defiantly blog about it!

Till then... Everyone have a good weekend!

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