Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello Everyone!
 This post is not going to be very long, but I wanted to give you an update on the life of Nanny Kate! I have exactly 27 days left of school and I am about to have a panic attack! Where did this semester run off too?? I have so much to do its ridiculous!! I can defiantly see some all nighter's in my near future! :-( Which is something I hate because I love SLEEP! I  could sleep all day and all night if I had the time! When I'm not procrastinating on school work, I'm at work playing with the little ones. They keep me sane! Lucy is potty training right now and I am so proud of her! Yesterday she ran up to me and and said "potty time"... I was like go for it Lucy!  When I walked in there to see if she was okay guess what I found... BOTH GIRLS ON POTTIES! Penny lane was sitting backwards on the potty next to Lucy! She wants to do what her sister does!
I cant believe they are growing up so fast! Kyle and Jessica are doing school tours to look at preschools for Lucy next year. Makes me a little sad that I wont be with her all the time! But hey no worries I have Penny Lane! I love her so much and she loves Nanny. She runs up to me and wants in my arms every time I walk in the door! I know I mention it in a lot of my posts and its probably annoying but I'm so lucky to have a great cousin like Jessica to let me spend time with her girls! They keep me on my toes!

Well I should probably stop procrastinating and get back to this project that is due by midnight! Once things settle down I will blog again!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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