Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun/Crazy times in the life of me...

Just when I think I will have some free time do blog, Everything piles on and it keeps me so busy! Is been a while since my last post so I will update you on whats been going on since then. The last post I had was about the Snow storm. Thank goodness that's over. After the second snow storm, the weather warmed up quite a bit and melted all the snow! I hated driving with ice and snow on the ground. Everyone was driving so slow! We were out of school for a week, which sucked because now we are having to do so much more to make up all the days we missed. School started back up and after a few days my life was back on track. Last Friday I went Fireman's ball in stillwater. I had so much fun! I went with my friend Sean. He was the best date EVER! ha It was fun because my best friend and her boyfriend was also there so I had them to hang out with as well. I left my camera in Stillwater but as soon as I get it back I will post pictures from the dance. After the dance we all went out to the bars, however I didn't stay out for very long because I ended up getting one of the worst migraines I have ever had! :-( but oh well.

Saturday I left Stillwater and headed back to Tulsa to attend my Best friend Jenny's Jewelry party. The jewelry she had was from Lia Sophia. You guys should go to and check out some of the Jewelry.  After the party I went to go see my dad. He had a rough night and wasn't feeling well so I decided to go spend sometime with him and my mom. Sunday I got up and went to church. After church I went home and relaxed for a bit then it was off to dinner with my parents, sister and bro in law to celebrate my sisters birthday. Her birthday was last Wednesday. She turned 24 and man is she getting old! :-)

Monday started off great then ended not so well. I got up on Monday and went into work. Jessica took Lucy on a Mommy/Daughter date. They went to get some lunch, then it was off to the movies to see Tangled. While they were gone it was just me and Penny Lane. We played, worked on flash cards and played with her toys.
 After work I was headed home when it all went down hill from there. I was driving on riverside when a car came into my lane, I of course tried to move so I wouldn't get hit, I ended up hitting the curb, bouncing into the other lanes and hitting the curbs on the other side, to end up back in my original lane and hitting the curb again, while all this was happening my hand got caught in my steering wheel and when I got it out, I hit it against the gear shift. OUCH!!! :-( Finally I was able to get control of the car and get it stopped. When I looked up I saw a big F150 headed right towards me. He had to immediately turn his wheel to avoid hitting me. I got myself together and pull off on 26th and riverside. I was in such a panic I had to call my parents to come pick me up cause I was in such a panic. Thank goodness nothing too bad happened to  my car. It needs a little work but not that much! My hand was really hurting but I didn't think anything of it till the next morning. I got into class and couldn't grasp onto my pen or my bag. I made an appt to get into the Dr. and get my hand looked at. They X-rayed it and said they didn't like how my knuckles looked. They splinted me and told me in a few days if it doesn't get better then I need to go back in.
Isn't that Ugly! But its the only thing that they had to help protect my knuckles. Its very difficult for me to do things in this but ill take this over anything. I was very lucky, it could have ended up being a lot worse.

Wednesday I got up and spent the day with the girls. Got there, walked into the room and this is where I found Penny Lane.
 In the movie bin! Since it was such a beautiful day on Wednesday I took the girls outside for a little bit. I cant wait for the weather to get warm so we can play outside a lot more.

After work I had to go to class. Psychology of Trauma is a very interesting class but its SOOOOO LONG! 6:00-8:45! After that I went home and went to bed!

Today I went to work later then usual because I said I would babysit the girls tonight while Kyle and Jessica went out with some friends. WE have played with their toys, had dinner, done the potty dance about 50 million times and watched Enchanted twice. I love spending time with these girls. They mean the world to me and I couldn't imagine my life without them in it.

I promise readers I wont let it be weeks before I update you on my life and my time with the girls. Until next time.... Hope you guys have a great weekend! Be safe everyone!

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