Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We wish you a Happy Holidays...

The day after Thanksgiving I was sitting in my parents bedroom talking to my mom about what we were going to do for our Christmas card. She said, " well I wanted to do one of everyone but since Heidi is doing her own you can just make ours" WELL folks I took that as I had total freedom to do whatever I would like on the Christmas card. Lets just say this Christmas card is ALL ABOUT ME! ha
My parents did not see what I did till they came in the mail for us to send out to everyone. My mom said she is going to take over doing the Christmas cards again next year. I thought I did a great job making them! 

I love Christmas time. My favorite thing to do over the holiday is go to places like Utica Square or the mall and just watch people. People go crazy when it comes to holiday shopping! There are alot of Birthdays in my family during the holiday season. My mom's birthday was December 11. 

My sister had my moms favorite cake made at Merritt's Bakery! Isn't it Pretty! The family and I took my mom out for dinner on her birthday. We had a blast just sitting around laughing!
A few days later I went out with my best friend to celebrate her 22nd birthday. We went too kilkenny's it was delicious!

I am so glad finals are over and I can enjoy my break. This semester was pretty hard. However I managed to make it through just fine! Christmas is in a few days and I still have so much shopping to do! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate going to the mall this time of year so im trying to figure out presents I can get without having to go to the mall to get them. The day after christmas I am driving to dallas to see my best friend! I have missed her and Im so excited to spend a few days with her and her family. One great thing about being Greek is I know alot of kids from other states. While im down there im planning on seeing a lot of people. Always makes trips more fun when you can hang out with a lot of people.

Since ill be gone next week I wont get to see the little ones. I have been with them everyday this week! YAY I love going to work. They always make sure to keep me on my toes! They are so adorable. I took this adorable picture of Penny Lane yesterday!
She's is so cute. She is starting to walk and trying to talk. She can say hi and wave... omg so cute!
Here is a video of her taking a few steps.
Below is a video I took of Lucy today dancing with her barbies to the Beauty and the Beast song Tale as old as time! She even sings a little bit at the end! Adorable.
 And below are just some pictures I took of the girls while I was working. Love them both!
Hope Everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!

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